About us

Flywheel Fitness provides high end fitness equipment and programming to be used in your own space. We offer a full service which includes delivery, setup, instruction, ongoing programming and support. We are not your normal hire company.

Having access to quality fitness equipment at your home or workplace plays a vital part in maintaining workout consistency and adopting fitness as part of your busy lifestyle. 

Without a doubt, consistent training is one of the most important elements of fitness and progressing towards your goals. 

Ongoing programs for any fitness level are our big point of difference All programs are designed by qualified fitness professionals who are endorsed by Concept 2. 

Whether you're a stay at home mum/dad with limited time, a busy professional who needs a quick 20min workout before the day starts, or an elite athlete putting in some extra time to stay ahead of the game, we have you covered. 

All our C2 machine are the latest available with a wireless PM5 monitor for connections to the likes of Erg-data, Swift, Training Peaks, Strava and many other 3rd party apps via Phone, Tablet, PC or Apple TV.

  • We only hire the best equipment available that has been tested and proven
  • We provide weekly programs from a Qualified C2 Instructor and Strength and Conditioning Coach based on your training goals
  • We show you the correct set up and technique to use your equipment
  • We provide ongoing servicing and training support all free of charge
  • Access to professional training equipment and programming in the privacy of your own home or office.
  • We also have a Boutique Training Studio that uses this same equipment day in a day out with a diverse range of clientele
  • In some cases the hire may also be tax deductible